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Friday, November 5, 2010

一風堂五反田店 - Ippudo (Gotanda)

I was very excited to finally try this extremely famous ramen chain.  We got there a little before 11 and there was no line.  But by the time we left, there was a nice line forming.  I ordered the Akamaru Modern (thankfully they had English menus :)).  I ordered it with extra charsiu and an egg.  The ramen came out and I immediately started eating.  In my haste, I totally forgot that there was unlimited pickled vegetable sides available on the table.  I was surprised at how few noodles they gave me... big minus points.  It was half the size of all the ones I've had so far!  Then I remembered the pickled vegetables and piled a heap of it into my soup.  YUM.  The unique factor of this dish was the hardness of the noodles and the black sesame oil in the soup.  Apparently you can choose from around 6 different type of hardness and they recommend the 2nd hardest type.  Overall, it wasn't anything 'special' and probably won't go out of my way just to eat here, but nevertheless I can finally say I've ate at one of the most famous ramen places in Tokyo :).  Maybe next time I'll try the spicy ramen (shown on the right in the first picture).  



  1. I had both akamaru and shiromaru the first time I went there.

  2. I should of done that -__-