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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Some Home Cooking ~~ Finally! (Shoyu Ginger Chicken)

FINALLY bought myself a rice cooker (makes rice and cakes!! lol ~8000YEN.. I guess that isn't too bad) after 1.5 months here in Japan... but I was so excited that I made shoyu ginger chicken with seasonal green vegetables :)  I also made a not so good looking bento for work... lol.  More to come!

Friday, November 5, 2010

一風堂五反田店 - Ippudo (Gotanda)

I was very excited to finally try this extremely famous ramen chain.  We got there a little before 11 and there was no line.  But by the time we left, there was a nice line forming.  I ordered the Akamaru Modern (thankfully they had English menus :)).  I ordered it with extra charsiu and an egg.  The ramen came out and I immediately started eating.  In my haste, I totally forgot that there was unlimited pickled vegetable sides available on the table.  I was surprised at how few noodles they gave me... big minus points.  It was half the size of all the ones I've had so far!  Then I remembered the pickled vegetables and piled a heap of it into my soup.  YUM.  The unique factor of this dish was the hardness of the noodles and the black sesame oil in the soup.  Apparently you can choose from around 6 different type of hardness and they recommend the 2nd hardest type.  Overall, it wasn't anything 'special' and probably won't go out of my way just to eat here, but nevertheless I can finally say I've ate at one of the most famous ramen places in Tokyo :).  Maybe next time I'll try the spicy ramen (shown on the right in the first picture).  


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Authentic Hokkaido Icecream has been LOCATED!!!

My friend told me that there was a really yummy Hokkaido icecream stand near Yurakucho Station and I was skeptical at first considering that I've already ate about 5 cones with no comparison to the one I had in Hokkaido.  When we arrived, there was a growing number of people hanging around outside of the store eating icecream cones.  Additionally, there was a line that extended outside of the store, Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza, where the stand was located.  My hopes were rising every step I took towards the icecream machine operator...and then I finally took my first bite.  


*more silence* (haha I'm just busy biting mouthfuls off the top)

IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD.  IT WAS JUST LIKE the ones I had in Hokkaido.  Fresh buttery cream every bite.  Guess where I'm going to be on the weekends... lol...

Even better... the entire store is stocked full of delicious food products from Hokkaido.  I've looked high and low in Tokyo for Hokkaido soup curry and this place has it.  Hokkaido milk jam.  Hokkaido cheese cake.  Hokkaido cheese, milk, butter, etc... I thought I was in heaven. lol  


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

鼎泰豐 - Din Tai Fung - Xiao Long Bao... in Tokyo!!

I heard so many good reviews about the original one in Taiwan and had to come to see for myself.  I went with a friend who has tried the one in Taiwan so that I can write a better review/comparison.  Usually, this place is packed and the line extends around the corner, but being prepared as usual, we got there 10 minutes before it opened at 11.  While we sat waiting for our delicious xiao long bao, the line became longer around 11:30.  So if you want to come here without waiting, come before 11:30!!

We ordered a bunch of things... lor bak gao (pan fried radish cake which was actually fried here), some chinese noodle with sauce that resembled dandan mian, pork and vegetable xiao long bao, and lastly mochi rice dumpling~.  The xiao long bao had a thick skin which helped keep the hot soup neatly inside until you bite into it.  My friend told me that the xiao long bao in Taiwan was a bit larger and much cheaper.  Well what can I expect... we are in Tokyo!  The mochi rice dumpling didn't really have much taste, the dan dan mian noodle dish was average, and the radish cake was alright.   So overall, for the price we paid, it was a good experience but I probably would not try it again.  Well not here anyways.  Next trip, Taiwan!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yusaku - Ramen with Crab Broth... RECOMMEND!!

This was delicious!!  

The broth is made out of goo found inside the main shell of the crab and served with slices of charsiu.  I added corn and a boiled egg.  The broth is rich, oily, orangey, thick, and full of crab flavor!  

Ahh.. the only unfortunate drawback is that it is located in an obscure, low traffic, residential area... so without referral, it would be difficult to find.  But now you are informed so go!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Views from my Apartment in Tokyo... ^^

Partial of living room and couldn't show the coffee table because it was a sad sight.  Waiting for the other piece!!

Living room #1 view of the *new* Tokyo Tower~! (Its the tall blue structure)

Dining room view of Tsukiji... famous fish market!

Bedroom #1 balcony partial view of Tokyo Bay

Bedroom #2 balcony view from balcony of Tokyo Bay/Odaiba

Living room view #2 of Tokyo Bay Park

Dining room balcony view #2

Dining room balcony view #3 of Tokyo City

Dining room balcony view #4

More views!!

Bedroom 3 (Master) where this second bath has a view ^^